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Thursday, March 22, 2012


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I've always believed people come into your life for a reason - if it's to enrich it with laughter and joy, bring you pain and suffering so you know what that feels like and can learn from it, or to just be with someone who you can sit with and not say anything at all. 

I have one friend who has been with me since I was born (actually, before! Our mothers did pregnant yoga together!) who's always stuck with me through thick and thin, and while we now don't live in the same city, and there have been periods (i.e. primary school and uni) where we have hardly seen each other, we can still catch up for an afternoon and cover everything and still feel rock solid.

There are other people in my life, who I know, if I don't make the effort, I'll never see them, and I think that's a little sad as if I decide to let them and their friendship go, then that's their loss - I'm a ridiculously loyal friend when someone else is loyal to me. I'm also overly trustworthy, which can sometimes be detrimental. 

I'm one of those people who are people pleasers. I hate it when people are upset or angry with me - in fact, it gives me panic attacks (I swear, one time I thought a friend was annoyed at me because I said I liked the guy she liked and my heart rate was 110 and I was sitting down - you know who you are!). But then, as I've found out this past week, sometimes I need to make the cut, sever all ties to a person who is weighing me down. 

It's people who poison your thoughts, who make you feel bad about yourself and your actions that really need to look at themselves and see why they feel the need to make other people feel that way. It's also your responsibility to look after your own mental wellbeing and take the actions to keep you in a healthy and happy mindset. You can't let someone else's angst get you down. 

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