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Friday, March 30, 2012


Me with a very smoochy kitten. 

This Sunday will be my second time volunteering at the Wellington SPCA Cat run. Yes, it can be smelly and gross at times (eww, poo!) but most of the time you just go around making sure they have enough to eat and water to drink. The rest of the time you can spend dishing out your love to all different kinds of cats! This little gal up here was with her two sisters waiting to be adopted, I'm sure they'll all be gone now - but she was so smoochy! At first, she was shy, but then I gave her lots of cuddles and she ended up being very playful and giving me kisses. Here are a few other cats I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago!

All this gorgeous girl would do was eat! Her face was stuffed in a bowl the entire 2 hours I was there - but she was also very cuddly and gorgeous. 

This one reminded me of my boy Zinzan (named after the All Black Rugby player in 1997), very smoochy and strong! He nuzzled me until I was covered in fluff. 

I can't wait to meet the cats that will be there this time, and dish out my love and affection to them. It's quite selfish of me - I miss my cats so I've volunteered to play with these lovely ones who aren't wanted anymore. I think it's quite sad how many adult cats are there are, it seems people only want kittens. If I could, I would adopt probably five adult cats and become a cat lady. 


  1. Ohh,I love cats!! What you do is amazing! I would do the same!I also have a cat and love her so much!

  2. I love cats too! U have such a ispiring blog, wanna follow each other?

    Hugs from Finland,

    - Alice