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Friday, March 30, 2012

Sweat. Part 2.

Shall we start to focus on the 20% exercise part now? I know you're dreading it... it hurts, it's painful, I hate sweating, I hate lugging all my stuff to and from work, I wish it were EASIER.

See the above statement. If it were easy, everyone would be fit and healthy and there wouldn't be an obesity 'epidemic' (I use this word in quotations as I believe the word 'epidemic' promotes a disease that is spreading, rather than laziness and lack of education. I understand that some people are addicted to food much the same way as Alcoholics, which is why it has been quoted as a disease, and I think that's just complete PC crap).

If you really want something, you will work for it. If not, or you have some mental blocks in your path, you must look them straight in the face, and climb over them, destroy them with a hammer/axe/chainsaw and step through a better person for facing those mental blocks. I know for a fact that I couldn't have lost weight without putting a full year of internal healing and faith into myself. I needed to figure out who I was before any of that other stuff would actually work.

This year happened in my second year of university. My grandmother had just passed away in the summer holidays, as had my aunt (both within 10 days of each other, one of cancer, the other of blood pressure related issues). When I went back to uni, I stayed with a friend who I now count among one of my best friends. I went along to Church with her for a few times. Not Christian Church, as I'd firmly believed I was an Atheist with spiritual tenancies. I didn't know there were actual Spiritualist churches who didn't force their ideologies on you and make you feel like a little person, until then. Throughout that year, I went to Church with my friend many times, working through the grief of the death of my gran (we were very close, and I still think of her frequently), and also discovering my own inner peace.

Inner peace. I think this has to be one of the most important reasons why I actually managed to lose the weight last year. After working through these mental issues, which had NOTHING to do with food (more about my complete lack of self-worth) I was able to put it out there that I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to become healthy. This is where the 'knowledge is power' also comes into play. As I said in part one, I was going to the gym, but I had no idea about calories in vs. calories out. In December 2010 I started educating myself about nutrition and exercise and everything I posted in part one.

Exercise: you don't need more calories to exercise, you just need to do it. Here are some steps I have always found helpful for fitting in exercise, and sticking to it:
  1. Schedule at least 3 times a week into your diary to go to the gym/go for a run/go for a walk/do that yoga DVD. If you can do it 4 times a week, hurrah! 5 times? Even BETTER. 
  2. Find an exercise that you actually enjoy! I started really getting into it when I was doing Combat classes - then I actually started doing kickboxing classes! I really loved it, and I loved the feeling of letting out the anger and frustration I had at myself! Now I'm loving Attack and Pump classes. In Attack, it's high intensity, fun and exhausting! In Pump, I feel strong, doing clean-and-presses with 10kg on the bar, doing squats with 14kg. Doing 800 reps in a class! 
  3. When you schedule your workouts, do NOT, under any circumstances (apart from health) not do it. Even if you're sore, still go to the gym and do a light low-intensity workout! You'll feel so good afterwards, and I'll bet you no one ever said they regretted their workout. 
Those days where you're sore, and cold, and don't want to do anything but lay around watching bad romantic comedies and stay in bed? I have them too. Usually it's because I don't have the motivation to get up and go for even a light walk, or the weather is horrible... let yourself take them, but only if you promise yourself that tomorrow you will go to the gym. You will get your burn on, and you will feel good afterwards!

Also, let yourself know that life happens - if you really can't get to the gym, don't beat yourself up about it! Tomorrow is another day, and you will get there. Fitness isn't an overnight achievement, it's something you have to work on your entire life.

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