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Monday, April 30, 2012

Healthy May.

So the lovely Amanda from one of my favourite Kiwi blogs - Here Comes the Sun, posted about this today. 

For the entire month of May, and the rest of our lives, we should try to be as healthy as possible. Food, exercise and goal setting. Goal setting is a big one. I'm sure I've already talked about SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. I'm going to create a list of three goals that I want to achieve in May. I encourage you all to join the movement! Join My Fitness Pal, add me if you like - my username is LiviNZ.  Here are my goals:

1. Log everything I put into my mouth every day of the month. 
2. Exercise four times a week for a minimum of 60 minutes. 
3. Go out and do fun things on the weekends instead of moping around at home (as I sometimes do). 

I'm also going to try and get some new recipes going, figure out some new work lunches (I'm thinking the above might be a good place to start... so yummy and fresh!). I'll be attempting to only eat fresh natural foods (permeter of supermarket, proteins, carbs and fats). 

Hopefully I'll at least lose another kg, though I'm not betting on anything. 

Instagram #5

What I wore on ANZAC day, then it got a little chilly...
Turquoise Nails
My lunch - avocado, tomato, and fresh Mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic reduction. 
Leaves on Cuba Street. 
Fun glasses at a store on Cuba Street. Hilarity trying them all on. 
Stir fry - I always make far too much. 
Clouds on Friday Morning when I left for work. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outfit Inspo #1

Double prints - so fun.

Muted 50's colourings.
White blazers.

Bright red lips & minimal makeup. 

Body chains.

Double Denim with heels.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photographer Love: Nirrimi & M.

I found out about Nirrimi and M of We Live Young a couple of years ago - Nirrimi, was 16 years old (now 19), and her partner, M (also known as Matt) started to take a few photography circles by storm - due to their ethereal and dream-like quality of their pictures.

For such young people they seem like such old souls. They have just welcomed their daughter into the world, and seem incredibly in love. They travel the world over, shooting huge campaigns for the likes of Billabong, and even doing the promotional photo's for our very own Bic Runga. 

Their relationship is adorable. <3 

Bic Runga - beautiful colourings. 

Travelling in Paris 

What she does with portraits is gorgeous. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweat. Part 3.

Image credit: Alexandra Cooks

Sorry it has been so long for the third and final installment of my health and fitness series. But finally, we're up to the biggest and most time consuming part - nutrition. This is where people think they can just eat well for a few months, restrict calories excessively (I'm talking about eating 400 calories and burning 500 so they think they're in a 'deficit' when their body is already burning 1600cal, meaning they're over 2100 calories in deficit = your body's reaction "HOLY SHIT I'M STARVING AND NEVER GOING TO SURVIVE THIS APOCALYPSE!" 

I've seen this many times on many blogs - tumblrs mostly, who claim they are 'healthy' but really they're 'thinspo/annorexic'. This is not a good way to go. Food is your friend. Food is yummy, it's makes your body run well, and it makes your hormones work for you. I always say - you can't get fat by not loving food, but you can't get thin by not loving food either. It's about what kinds of food you love and registering how those foods make you feel after - are you bloated after that bowl of pasta? Perhaps have half the amount next time, or try gluten free. 

As I have excessively said in my previous two posts (1, 2) it is all about calories in versus calories out. If you eat more calories than your body has burned in a day, you will, eventually gain weight. Even 100 calories over per day equals a gain of 4.7kg or 10.4lb. 

Portion sizes play a large part in us not being able to track our calories correctly - this is why it is important to invest in some small kitchen scales, and some measuring cups and spoons. I use mine every single day. Also try to track your calorie intake and expenditure on a site like Calorie Count or MyFitnessPal

I've taken to browsing Pinterest for some more interesting healthy meal ideas, like above - yum! 

Here are some tips for when you're out doing the grocery shopping: 

  • Shop the perimeter of the shop - this is where the freshest ingredients will be, they will also be natural. Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese, Yoghurt, Meat, fresh bread.
  • Make a list of things you actually need - I've actually taken to online grocery shopping, as it dissuades me from making impulse purchases of chocolate. 
  • Go shopping on a full stomach - you're less likely to make impulse purchases like above. 
  • If you have children, under no circumstances, buy them something that you wouldn't eat yourself - or, should I say - that you think is not natural and made from whole foods. This is bad bad bad. 
  • Make everything from scratch - it's actually fun, and quite rewarding being able to cook from scratch and have something to show for it. 
I always try to plan ahead what I'm going to cook for the week. I know I always have the same breakfast: muesli (1/2c - 200cal), greek yoghurt (100g - 90cal), fresh blueberries (15cal) and canned peaches (40 cal) = 345cal breakfast!

Lunch is the meal I usually get sick of and want to shake things up. I've been making Tuna/falafel burgers, and Crustless quiche lately. 

For dinner I have a few options up my sleeve - risotto, chicken/mince tomato sauce thingy, stir fry is easy, zucchini fritters, pasta with olive oil and Parmesan (quick and easy favourite), beef casserole. It's about finding what you can do quick, easily and playing with flavours to figure out what works for you. Once you cook these things, you tend to use them over again, and know how many calories are in each. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Instagram #4

My new favourite snack - super yummy, creamy greek yoghurt, 220cal, and fills you up! Protein rich!

Finally got my Hunger Games books from Fishpond!

Trying to perfect the art of a good flat white with the new espresso machine at work. 

My new Euphoria Blossom perfume - perfect for winter for me.
New passport needed, hence the passport photos! I had to get my fringe cut short so my eyebrows were showing... 

Sneak peak at the material of a new vintage jacket I got off trademe - needs to be tailored and drycleaned, but love the pattern!

I stopped in at Moochi where they are showing Wellington an exclusive preview of the Winter collection, I met the gorgeous and talented designer, Kellie. Got a bit star struck as I've been drawling over their creations for years. Last night they featured in the first ever runway show for Wellington Fashion Week. Dying to go next year!

I absolutely fell in love with this sequined dress - love the fluro detailing! 

Lunch in Civic Square on a beautiful Autumn day - it's nice to get out of the office and soak up some sun. 

What I wore today, photo by Jaime. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

White Shirt.

Witchery is a store I shop at often - I love how luxe their fabrics are and their designs, plus it's relatively good value for money (the pieces are all well made, and last you forever). Witchery's annual White Shirt campaign kicked off yesterday and I'm literally drawling over the range - what's even better is 100% of the proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Research. You get a pretty white shirt - and help a great cause out as well! They're all priced at $149.95AUD (Would be $179.90NZD usually). 

These are my picks...

I love the black studded collar on this crisp shirt - gives the white shirt a new take. 

This is almost lacy, which makes it all the more feminine! 

I love this one - perfect relaxed fit, reminiscent of the Zara shirts I'm so fond of oggling after online (but can never get my paws on). Now I have an alternative! 

My ultimate picks would be the first and last ones I've posted. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've been pouring over everything Coachella and absolutely dying to go. I've even looked up an awesome looking tour for 2013 - a 14 day tour around SoCal from San Diego to Vegas. I think it's time to save up! All together I would need at least $10k to have a good time and pay for flights and the tour, but I recon it would be worth it! 

Loving the floppy hats. And Emma Watson is adorable. 

Dip-dyed/ dip-bleached is something I'm going to look into doing for next summer... 

Love tribal prints!

And fluro with floating silks.

Image credit: Harpers Bazzar & Refinery 29 & Vogue

All these summery photos are making me want summer back! Well, not like we had a very good summer to begin with, and it's possibly warmer now that it's Autumn than it was over Summer!