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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've been pouring over everything Coachella and absolutely dying to go. I've even looked up an awesome looking tour for 2013 - a 14 day tour around SoCal from San Diego to Vegas. I think it's time to save up! All together I would need at least $10k to have a good time and pay for flights and the tour, but I recon it would be worth it! 

Loving the floppy hats. And Emma Watson is adorable. 

Dip-dyed/ dip-bleached is something I'm going to look into doing for next summer... 

Love tribal prints!

And fluro with floating silks.

Image credit: Harpers Bazzar & Refinery 29 & Vogue

All these summery photos are making me want summer back! Well, not like we had a very good summer to begin with, and it's possibly warmer now that it's Autumn than it was over Summer! 


  1. I would love to go one day too, it just looks so amazing, especially with all the fashionable wee things. How great does Emma Watson look?!

  2. I'm hoping to go next year, too. Maybe I'll see you there...

  3. Lovely style and blog! I like your posts, very inspiring!:)
    Would you like to keep in touch and follow each other?

  4. these are great fashion inspirations. i love especially the floral pants and the maxi dress on the bottom. you have a fab blog, olivia! enjoyed browsing. i just followed you on bloglovin and google, and would be honored to connect with you on BOTH. cheers from usa, and have a great wknd!!