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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Instagram #2

Mmm, hangover lunch. That cheese was all kinds of amazing. 

Wellington is beautiful. I love my city. 

Feijoa sorbet hit the spot. We lay in the sun for about 3 hours this afternoon snoozing and chatting. Perfect hangover cure. 

This sculpture thing was outside Te Papa... Made out of plastic bags. 

Yesterday I soaked up the last of the afternoon sun overlooking the field near my house... went for a wander in my new heels. 

Sorry, no outfits lately! I did buy two new shirts today though, so keep an eye out for a post featuring them soon! Hope everyone is having a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend. xx


  1. Yay a kiwi!! Great blog!!! That feijoa ice cream looks amazing!!! Happy easter!!!

    Check out my blog too!!

  2. happy easter!:)

  3. Hey Olivia, I just discovered your blog, it's great to see another Wellington blog! Love the photos :)