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Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram #5

What I wore on ANZAC day, then it got a little chilly...
Turquoise Nails
My lunch - avocado, tomato, and fresh Mozzarella with olive oil and balsamic reduction. 
Leaves on Cuba Street. 
Fun glasses at a store on Cuba Street. Hilarity trying them all on. 
Stir fry - I always make far too much. 
Clouds on Friday Morning when I left for work. 


  1. Your top is cute and the food looks delicious.....what is ANZAC day?

  2. Hi Olivia, I just discovered your blog through Here Comes the Sun's Healthy May post, which I'm also doing. Love your blog, very cool. I also live in Wellington and I have a blog similar to yours - about life, inspiration, Wellington etc. Would love if you could pop over and have a look:) By the way, love your photo of the leaves on Cuba Street - gorgeous! Have a lovely day :) Sarah xo

  3. And thanks for your comment on my blog! I joined Jenkins in the Hutt because it's only $10 a week and they do all the Les Mills classes - even though my brother and his partner are personal trainers at Les Mills so I should go there, but it's more than double the price even with family rates :( I'm loving the Body Combat classes though, so empowering kicking some air-ass!
    p.s I'm loving the cold weather lol I'm a bit odd like that... although I think I need to go shopping, my clothes just aren't cut out for this freezing wind!