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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Ok, so since I've been sick, I've been seriously lacking the motivation to get to the gym, and even go on the cross-trainer for 20 minutes. This happens to me quite regularly. I get on a roll, going hard for a couple of weeks, see drops on the scale, feeling great then boom -I either get sick, get lazy or both. 

If I don't go for the gym for a certain amount of time, I start to get out of my routine, and get lazy... it doesn't help that daylights savings has just ended meaning I'm tired earlier and feel even less motivated to get to the gym straight after work. 

I had the motivation this morning when I woke up - I even bought my gym bag to work this morning, but now my eyes are drooping and my throat is sore (damn this stupid cold!), and the thought of wheezing on the cross-trainer or bike doesn't really make me feel like working out. 

I haven't gained weight or anything, I just feel extremely lazy and unmotivated to do as much as I do when I'm going to the gym. I'm more awake when I've been exercising, I have more motivation to keep going, to have goals and plans and be on top of everything at work.

So, I want you to tell me your motivation boosters and perhaps I can try them out and see if I can get motivated again. 

Perhaps this Easter break, when not many people are around, and I'm not drinking too much (I have a party on Saturday), I can get back into it by going twice or three times in a row. Hopefully my throat will have cleared up by then as well.  Also, I think that dread of the sore muscles is occurring - I just know I'm going to hurt after I do Pump for the first time in two weeks ~cringe~

Apologies for the Rant. 

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