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Thursday, April 19, 2012

White Shirt.

Witchery is a store I shop at often - I love how luxe their fabrics are and their designs, plus it's relatively good value for money (the pieces are all well made, and last you forever). Witchery's annual White Shirt campaign kicked off yesterday and I'm literally drawling over the range - what's even better is 100% of the proceeds go to Ovarian Cancer Research. You get a pretty white shirt - and help a great cause out as well! They're all priced at $149.95AUD (Would be $179.90NZD usually). 

These are my picks...

I love the black studded collar on this crisp shirt - gives the white shirt a new take. 

This is almost lacy, which makes it all the more feminine! 

I love this one - perfect relaxed fit, reminiscent of the Zara shirts I'm so fond of oggling after online (but can never get my paws on). Now I have an alternative! 

My ultimate picks would be the first and last ones I've posted. 


  1. I like the second one with the collar detail.

  2. I love the studded collar shirt!