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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Autumn Ending.

Brr... it's getting so cold out these days! According to the news, the first snowfall of the season is happening right now down the far south and overnight at Ruapehu. I can't wait for skiing season to start! Even though I'll probably only get one day in this year (I didn't get any in last year!) it's better than nothing! 

Blogging has been a little slow lately, but I'm so excited! I received my Canon G12 on Monday and can't wait to go outside this weekend and start snapping. I've had a play, but I really need to have time outside with it (so difficult when I get up in the morning it's dark and I head straight to work, go to the gym, and come home when it's dark!). 

I got nominated by the lovely Emma at Daydream Believer for a Versatile Blog Award! Thanks Emma, it feels so great that I'm doing things right and that people are enjoying my blog (I was a bit worried there). 

Anyway, these are what I must do to honor the award: 

Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who's blog you enjoy. 
Let them know you've nominated them. 
Share 7 random facts about yourself. 
Thank the blogger who nominated you.

I don't think I can fully nominate 15, but I'll nominate 5 of my friends who always are supportive of my blog, and I of theirs. 
Laura at kitsunetsuki
Miss K at Luxessed
Renee (fellow Wellingtonian) at Olive meets Hazel
Nirrimi at The Road Is Home (YAY! She's updating again! And because she's one of my favourite photographers ever!).

Seven random facts: 
  1. I am obsessed with pinning new recipes to my Food board on Pinterest. Obsessive really. Pretty food love right here. 
  2. My life is incredibly boring. I go to work, go to the gym, go home, make dinner, watch a show and go to bed at the nana-hour of 9:30pm. Nana. 
  3. I'm originally blonde. When I was 2 I had these little golden ringlets that bounced around. Gorgeous. I'm sure my babies will have gorgeous golden ringlets as well. 
  4. I've never been in love (though I really do believe in it, vulnerability is not my strong suit). 
  5. I'm probably too independent for my own good. 
  6. I like to have a schedule and stick to it. I'm pretty OCD in that way. In other ways, I'm a complete mess. But if I didn't have a schedule, I would never do what I intend to do. Lists are also good. 
  7. Learning new things and meeting new people makes me incredibly happy and passionate about life. 
I now promise to have something original and new to share with you this weekend! Phew, what a wordy post - hope you managed to get through it! Here's a little bit of that food porn I was talking about:

Alexandra Cooks - recipe 


  1. Yay for the new camera! and for learning 7 new things about you :) Haha and I know just how you feel about pinterest porn! lol only problem is it makes me hungary!

    I'm also exactly the same about learning new things and meeting new people, it makes me so happy and makes life fun! :)

    I definitely think we would get along in real life!! haha

    Emma xx

  2. Oh wow, thanks for the acknowledgement - a nice surprise for today! Also thanks for your latest comment. I was wondering, what's an OE? What are your travel plans? Have a great day!

  3. Your food-board made me real-life dribble, now following you on pinterest! & pleased to see a Kitsunetsuki recipe on there!

    Also pleased to note you also love writing lists--I'm a list writer too, but I put really mundane things like 'have breakfast' and 'get up' on my lists so I feel good about crossing them off haha

    Have fun with your new camera, look forward to seeing some snaps, and thank you again for the nomination :)