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Thursday, May 17, 2012


As you may have noticed, yesterday I did a few changes to the blog - I've been wanting to spruce it up a little bit more, and make it more 'marketable'. I'm really wanting to make a go of it here and make things more fun and interesting for you guys. 

So, what would you like to see on here? What kinds of topics would you like me to cover, specific kinds of blog posts (outfits, makeup, photography?). Let me know what you want! 

I'm also planning on getting some guest posts on here. If you would like to be a guest blogger some time, email me at and hopefully we can make it happen! 



  1. Definitely loving the new design and name!!

    Oh and I would love to be a guest blogger sometime :) I will flick you an email later!

    Emma x

  2. I like the new design! As for topics to cover - I like your past fitness and healthy eating tips. I never get tired reading anything related to these topics. xoxo

  3. Your new design is so lovely! It is an absolutely classy and appealing design!

    I really enjoy reading your blog! :)

    xxx Marie

  4. Its my first visit here and I like the theme a lot! So I'm guessing your chance was a good one lol. Photography, outfit of the day, make up tutorials- and stuff of that nature are always good to us viewers.

    check out my blog when you get a chance

  5. I'm loving it! I think that's a good idea, getting some guest posts. And please, more outfits photos, I love to see them!

  6. Your blog is lovely!


  7. Lovely blog. What do you think if we follow each other VIA GFC? I'd love it for sure. Will definitely follow back if you do decide to follow. Kisses x

  8. I think just blog about whatever inspires you - that's what will get you a good fanbase and market :)

    x Stace

    PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!