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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Healthy May. Week 1.

My lunches this week - salmon, red onion and rocket bagel. 

Better late than never, right? I've been flat out this week and completely crashed at night, so haven't been updating as much - sorry guys! 

Last week I think I did OK. Not fantastic. My goals were: 

1. Log everything I put into my mouth every day of the month. I was good up until Friday night drinks and nibbles at work - and then the cocktails with my friend after that, then Saturday was hang-over day... got back on again on Sunday. 
2. Exercise four times a week for a minimum of 60 minutes. Complete - this is fairly easy for me these days, as I schedule all my workouts in and drag my gear to work, so I have to go, even if I don't want to!
3. Go out and do fun things on the weekends instead of moping around at home (as I sometimes do). Well, I managed to go for a run on Sunday, as it was a beautiful day. On Saturday in my hung-over state, I still managed to get up, go to my chiropractor, then catch up with a friend from home who was down from Auckland for the weekend, and my friend Laura from Hungry and Frozen (we share a love of Idina Menzel and Broadway). 

So all in all I think I went quite well last week. I haven't seen a drastic change in the scale, or my body composition - but that's normal for me. I've been maintaining around this weight since June last year. Just been working more on muscle development (pump!) and doing exercise that I enjoy (boxing!). 

My goals for this week were/are: 

1. Workout 4 times a week for a minimum of 60 minutes. Already complete - I start my week on a Sunday, so I went for a 8km run on Sunday, Boxing on Tuesday, Attack on Wednesday and Pump today. Thinking of doing Pump again on Saturday. 
2. Bring lunch to work every day this week. Should be complete, as long as I decide to eat what I've packed tonight for lunch tomorrow. 
3. Don't splurge on Friday night drinks - 2 glasses of wine max. We'll see how this goes... 

Also, I've made a Facebook page for you to like if you want updates on when I've updated on your facebook - I'll also post articles I've been reading and what's interesting to me. So please, like life-muse-ings on facebook! 

I hope you all have a happy Friday tomorrow, and I'll hopefully post something during the weekend! 


  1. I like your blog! I hope you'll visit mine!

  2. I like it that you fix yourself goals week by week. That's much more controllable and achievable and then ultimately more satisfying. Partly thanks to your recent motivational posts, I have got back into my workout routine and back to logging kcals. Doing great so far and feeling much better :)

    1. Aw, that makes me feel so good that I've helped motivate you! Congrats and I'm sure you'll make leaps and bounds! :)

  3. Aha any post is made +++++ times better by a picture of a pug. Well done on a good first week (I think we're all falling a part a bit at the weekends in Healthy May, it should be renamed Healthy Weekday May) x

    1. Yeah, the weekends are times where I really need to reign it in - not just because it makes me feel like crap, but because I miss out on doing things that I could be doing rather than lying in bed feeling miserable.