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Monday, May 7, 2012


Here is a collection of images from when I've gone out at home (South Island, New Zealand) and taken some shots - I decided to play around with some curves in photoshop and these are the results. I hope you like. 

I grew up on the outskirts of town, with farms on two sides, neighbours on one side. The paddock over the creek goes through such changes over the years and the seasons. I love it when it's full of grass and it crackles in the afternoon heat, although this can cause hay-fever grief for my dad and brother, I think it looks beautiful. Sometimes there will be sheep, lambs in spring. Sometimes they rotate the cattle through. I used to climb up in my tree and watch the animals sleep, the lambs frolic...

We had four cats when I was growing up: Katmandu was the oldest and wisest - a ginger-black fluff ball of a thing that came home with another of our cats, Gingus, when he was a tiny kitten (before I was born). He lived until he was 17 and I was 16. Bella, a little stroppy but now treats my brother and I like her personal hot water bottle, she wakes us up with kisses. Zinzan, the son of Bella is timid and shy, but he's built like a machine - all muscle and sinew. He's scared of everything but my mum and I. When my brother comes to stay, you don't see him until my brother leaves. 

This is Neo - the newest edition to our cat family. My brother and I bought him for my parents when Lucy (below) passed away from cancer. He's a playful wee thing, and we gave him to my parents at Christmas of 2010. He played football with the gold baubles from the tree, and would bite your toes when you weren't looking. He was taken under Zinzan's wing and now he heads out in the paddock and hunts mice. 

This is Lucy, my baby, also Bella's daughter - Bella gave birth to a litter of three when she was 9 months old. I was 7. Lucy was my cat from the get-go. I got to name her, and there are photo's of me with my blonde hair platted ready for bed, my pink nightie and tucked up in my pink duvet squishing her against my face when she was only a couple of weeks old. She would only really answer to 'darling' or 'sweetie', not Lucy. 

Last Christmas it was just my mum, dad and I. I organized it all - my boss gave me a whole leg of ham (which I organized) for Christmas, so of course we had baked ham, with my mum's famous Potato Salad, fresh greens and these fantastic Pomegranate spritzers - white wine, soda, lemon juice and pomegranates. So yummy and refreshing on a hot summer's Christmas. These are the memories I cherish and love the most. So simple and easy.  

The Pomegranate spritzer. 

When I was around six or seven, I would go down the bottom of the garden and explore. We have a really nice area, with a creek and lots of trees to climb. In some areas there were places I would name 'fairy coves' where everything looked so surreal to my six-year-old self. 

I love the winter light at home. When it's about 2 or 3pm and the light is sinking low, there's haze in the air from the fires keeping everyones homes warm and cozy... everything is crisp and clear but the sun is still warm on your back. 



  1. Thanks for sharing this very personal post! I kind of recognise my own childhood - growing up close to nature, animals and family meals (yes, with ham and potato salad!). Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the ones of the cats! "hot summer's Christmas" sounds so weird to a Brit though! x

  3. Ohhh the memories. You have written this very well. Mum.

  4. The cats are so nice.. and this post, so personal.. it's really nice..


  5. lovely photos! your dinning set (i'm not sure it's called like this, sorry my bad english) is adorable, love it!

    The pomegranate spritzer seems yummy!

    1. Hehe, 'dining' set? Very close! Thanks lovely!

  6. Lucy and Neo look beautiful!! I am such a cat person haha actually I'm just an animal person in general!! :P

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!! Haha and @Laura's comment, I can't wait for a white Christmas!

    Also the photos are beautiful :)