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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Instagram #6 - The Weekend Edition.

I got my hair cut and coloured by the lovely Lisa at my favourite salon - Willis York. Had a bit of a natter. Wore my new gold cuffs. :) 

I love the teacups at Willis York - so pretty. I need to find myself a nice teacup and saucer... any suggestions? 

Painted my nails dark - usually I try to go light, because when I do them dark I seem to get polish everywhere (Murphy's law)... but this worked out fine! 

Volunteered at the SPCA again today - so many kittens! These guys were the best - super laid back but still keen to cuddle. <3

This is Poppy - his good side. If you've followed my instagram feed (username livinz), you will see a pic of him from a couple of weeks ago - he's about 4 months old now, only has one eye the poor wee guy. He's super timid, but when I pick him up he snuggles in close and being close to someone calms him down so he sleeps. He needs a really loving home... 

Enjoying my book - the second in the series... So great to read books about strong women from previous centuries... makes you appreciate all those women who took the steps forward to allow us to work, and vote today. 

What have you been up to this weekend? Apart from the above, I've been chilling out, catching up on TV shows and just trying to keep warm. xx


  1. Great photos! Good to see that there are people like you who care about animals :) In a couple of hours I am flying off to Spain to catch the sun. Have a great Sunday. xoxo

  2. ohh Poppy looks like such a handsome boy!! If I lived in Wellington (and didn't already own 3 cats and a dog!) I would totally adopt him!! Good on you for volunteering at the SPCA! I did it for a few years while I was at high school but with uni and work at the moment I just don't have time :( Definitely something I want to get back into when I have more time though!

    Also have you heard of the Versatile Bloggers Award? Another blogger gave it to me so I get to give it to 15 other bloggers and you are one :) Have a look here for more about what it is if you haven't heard of it (haha coz I hadn't really!)


  3. Aww kitty photos. So great that you volunteer, I need to start doing something along those lines--though I think I'd be distraught at not being able to take them all home!


  4. I love your cuffs! And the kittens are just adorable. We're thinking of getting another kitty to keep Tavi company, so will head to the SPCA next weekend :)