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Sunday, May 6, 2012

My latest purchases.

Marcs Forest Green Silk Shirt. I don't have anything in this colour, let alone green (unless you count khaki)... it makes a nice change. I've been trying to change it up a bit.  

Fantastic new mascara that makes my lashes look long and curly and thick. 

This is the second book in a series, the first I've had for years and read over again and again - they're all about really powerful, strong women - set in eras where women weren't normally doing any 'work'. The first is about a poor girl working in a tea factory, she works her way up and basically gets her boss back for being a pig - set in the time where Jack the Ripper was happening in London. This one is about a woman doctor who falls in love with the notorious criminal Sid Malone. So well written. 

When I bought the shirt I eyed this bag up - then looked at the price of $150... then saw there was 30% off... then saw there was a mini bag inside this bag. What's better than one leather navy bag for $100? That's right - two! 

Now I need to stop spending until I get to Sydney. 


  1. Gorgeous colour shirt, and this book series is amazing, I was reading them avidly a couple of months ago. Jennifer Donnelly is an incredible author. Your blog is great, I always get excited seeing other Kiwi blogs.
    X Jane

  2. Nice goodies. Love the colour of the bag.

  3. Beautiful, bold colours from Marcs!

    Sarah x

  4. Great purchases! I'm trying to help myself from buying as well, but it sure is a difficult thing!