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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What? Watt.

On Saturday night I headed to my friend, Emily's, place to go to something called a 'Watt Party'. Kendall Watt is an up and coming New Zealand designer who graduated about two years ago, and is trying to make a name for herself. I absolutely adore her designs, and it was fantastic to meet her. My favourite picks were her lace back shirt, the lace back merino long sleeved dress (below, second from front) and the Petal Dress (front below). 

Kendall looking fantastic. 

Kendall and her mum had driven down from Auckland with everything in the back of the car like travelling saleswomen! I love the idea of throwing 'fashion parties' where up and coming designers can showcase their designs in an intimate way, with a group of girlfriends over bubbles and nibbles. 

My friend Emily modeling one of the coats - she does wonderful things with two tones, and the lining on her coats is this gorgeous paisley that I adored! 

Em looking adorable. Hopefully in the near future you will see more of her, we're planning on doing a few shoots so that I can play with my camera's and have a bit of fun. 

You can check out Kendall's designs here - go on! Order away! They are able to ship worldwide and I think she's dying for an online order! 


  1. I had a look at the site; nice collection of clothes!

  2. It's really too bad that it's Winter in Australia right now! The collection looks great (:


  3. Sounds like you an a wonderful weekend!! Those clothes all look beautiful :)

    Emma xx