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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Winter Inspiration : Parkas.

Lately I've been so swept up in the Spring trends of the Northern Hemisphere, I completely forgot about the Winter trends (the ones I should be wearing right now!). I absolutely LOVE parkas, and big heavy warm ones are fantastic for the chilly winter. 

Tonight I'm going to a party at my friends house, where her friend Kendall Watt will be showing us her latest range of clothing. I'll be taking many snaps and hopefully will post them on here. Bubbles will be flowing and it sounds like it will be a fantastic night. 

On Sunday morning I have a charity brunch for Oxfam at my friends place - fair trade coffee, chocolate and pancakes to be had by all! 

What are your weekend plans? 



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Mine is going to full with assignments, group meetings and work :/ and a little bit of blogging too of course!

    I love parkas too! They look amazing with almost anything and are great for the weather we are having at the moment! I have a mustard yellow one from Evil Twin but I wear it so often I need to get another one, I'm thinking Khaki green for my next one :D

    Looking forward to seeing the photos from your weekend!

    Emma xx

  2. Lovely looks but got to go with COTTDS' outfit! Thanks for sharing. P.S.- I'm also hosting a giveaway at the moment and invite you to enter if you'd like :) Check It Out Here.

    xo Lindsey
    Complacency Kills 

  3. I like these parkas - practiacal and stylish. Going to a 50th Rock and roll party tonight. Tomorrow we are defending our Life Raft dropping title at South Canterbury Aero Club. The Bird sculpture trophy will be ours once again :-)

    1. It will totally be yours again! xx Thanks mum. :)

  4. Last year I bought a Burberry parka. It was love at first sight and I knew that I would wear it for many years to come.

    No major plans for this weekend - just relaxing... Have a good one, xoxo

  5. I love parkas! Especially khaki ones. Unfortunately I live in a tropical country so I can never seem to find a good opportunity to wear one. I'm definitely getting myself a parka when I move to LA next month though! (:

    ▲ ▼ ▲

    1. Get a lovely light-weight one! I have a beige light weight one that's perfect for cool nights and warm days! :)

  6. Hi, just wanted to let you know there's a mistake in your title in french, it should be "La Pivoine NoirE" because pivoine is feminine :)