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Friday, July 6, 2012

Sydney Photodiary.

1. Walking to Darling Harbour

2. The city behind Darling Harbour


4. Bondi Beach & surfers (click for larger). 



7. GPOY. 

8. Highest view in Sydney (according to my guide).


10. Playing with my camera... 


12. Red & Blue.



15. View from the Hotel - George Street (the Four Seasons is all kinds of awesome). 

16. Opera House at night. 

17. City Lights on the water & Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

18. The Bridge in daylight.

19. In front of the Opera House. 

20. On the ferry to Manly. 

21. Manly Beach. 

22. Hi. 

23. Beach! This would be fabulous in summer. 

24. More beach. 

It feels like forever since I was in Sydney, but really it's only been 2 weeks. It was a fantastic, though short, trip. I enjoyed every moment of it. I loved exploring and just having a good time. Hopefully next time I'm there longer and won't feel so rushed, and perhaps it will be spring/summer? Who knows. 

Right now I'm starting to plan my OE (Overseas Experience), I'm thinking of traveling straight for a couple of months around Europe, and then perhaps I will find a job in the UK for a few months, then travel again. I'm starting saving now. I've been looking for a good way to travel (because I'll probably be on my lonesome), and Bus-about looks like a fun and easy way to just make it up as you go. You can stay longer in some places than others, meet people who are like-minded travelers, and won't break the bank. I think I need to do a backpackers holiday just to be classed as a veteran 'OE'er'! 

Of course I will be needing a more fantastic camera (Canon 550D tri-lens kit, you will be mine!) than my Canon G12 (although I do love it!), and I think also an ipad would be a good backpacking tool. 

I don't think my Boss will want me to leave just yet though, so these plans are about a year out from now! Does anyone have any 'must do/see' things in any city in Europe? There's so much history there that I'm a tad overwhelmed with googling everything! 


  1. Such pretty pictures! I would love to visit Australia someday. I'm from the United States, and have only been to Europe once, but I recommend Munich, Germany and Lucerne, Switzerland. Such beautiful cities!


  2. Great photos! John is from Sydney so I pretend it's my second home (it's really not). I can help with the OE side of things if you have any questions. Saving is the hardest part, the adventure is easy :) you'll have an amazing time!

  3. Great photos! In Europe I'd recommend London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. Add Barcelona, Prague and Stockholm if time allows it. xoxo

    1. I'm probably doing the whole sh'bam - thinking:

      Fly to London - Paris - Bruges - Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Vienna - Salzburg (I have a friend here who I will probably spend a week with) - Munich - Venice - Rome - Florence - Nice - Milan - Lauterbrunnen (seems to be the one place where every bus meets up) - Nice again - Barcelona - Valencia - Madrid - San Sebastian - Bordeaux - back to Paris and then London again.

      'Busabout hop-on hop-off' trip seems good. Will probably be 2.5 months of pure travel and culture-shock! Might then go to the UK and find a job and work and travel there for a bit before coming back or doing more travel!

  4. Lovely photos! I should really pop up to Sydney for a weekend break as I'm in Melbourne! Funny how you forget about the cool places in your own country!

    I did Europe last year and absolutely loved it!!! I now have the travel bug and I am constantly dreaming of an overseas trip.

    I backpacked with my BF and other friends however I did meet a lot of people who did Busabout and really enjoyed it. It's a great way to meet people, the transport is organised and they also recommend hostels if you're not sure where to stay. Another positive is that unlike a tour, once you get there you can just do your own thing.

    I think the above route sounds great! I also travelled to Scandinavia and loved that as I visited friends there.

    How exciting!!!

    Jess xx

  5. great photos!

  6. I LOVE Manly beach!! I was in Sydney for 2 weeks before hitting Melbourne and probably spent 80% of my time there. I was lucky it was still summer then and the beach was simply perfect. Not to mention the sea was the perfect amount of refreshing and not too icy cold. (unlike most nz beaches!)

    I could write an essay on things I loved and would recommend in Greece & Italy but I'll keep it short. I went in early spring which was quite good because there was no crowds and the weather was only just beginning to warm up so not too hot / too cold! I've heard Sept is also a good time for the same reasons. Also pack light! As in only take a small suitcase / backpack. Lugging a giant suitcase onto buses / trains any sort of public transport is so unbelievably stressful! Everyone is super pushy and trains are chaos (especially in Italy I found).

    I'm so jealous! I want to go back so badly.

  7. Beautiful photos! Looks like you had a great trip, I definitely want to pay Sydney a visit sometime soon!

    I am in the planning process for my OE next year too, so exciting but I really just wanna get going! Haha and so true, need to do some backpacking to be considered a veteran OE'er! I'v been looking at Bus-about too, definitely looks like the best option, I don't want to be constricted to what I do by tour groups :D If we're ever in the same country at the same time whilst over there we will have to meet up! Haha would be nice to see a kiwi face!

    Emma xx

    ps - I LOVE that blazer! I have been trying to track it down in dotti for weeks but it seems to have disappeared =(

  8. firstly, those photos are incredible. secondly, i fully support your decision to travel, live and work in another country. best, thing, ever. thirdly, that neon blazer is awesome!

    C x

  9. stunning pictures! and great blog :D

  10. I love your glasses in these photos :)
    Cute cute.


  11. These photos are so beautiful! I have always wanted to go to Sidney!

  12. very beautiful photos, the one of the opera house is stunning!
    I love travelling..good luck with your plans! I am from Toronto & recently got back from a month around Europe. You should definitely visit Prague, Paris, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, London..ah now I wish I could go back. I love Europe :]

  13. These photos are awesome!! Looks like you had such a grand time :)

  14. lovely pictures! I laughed to myself at 'manly beach' though, can imagine it being full of muscle men in the summer months.

    I don't know if I can think of any europe travelling advice--my favourite country to visit is probably italy because of the food and general atmosphere, but berlin/vienna/stockholm/helsinki and the more northern places probably have more cool stuff going on. actually yeah, helsinki is really fun if you can make it over that way!


  15. Lucky you, We don't have beaches like that in Scotland. Love your blazer too. x