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Friday, August 31, 2012

Shayna King: Awesome songstress!

So this is a request for all of you to do this to get my friend to number 1 in these charts so she can win $10,000 of funding to get her album finished! 

She's an incredibly talented singer, and has been since we were friends when we were 11. We even had a band for a few months! She's funded the recording of her album so far, and the filming of her first single which will be coming out tomorrow after this is finished!

So if you could do this, it would be incredibly awesome! 

1. Click the link
2. Listen to the song
3. Click 'Vote'
4. Click the wee (+) symbol and 'Add to queue (This puts it onto a playlist down the bottom of the screen)
5. Click 'Share' above the song. 
All of these steps are monitored and all add to the placement of the song. 

She really deserves to get this funding! In a small country such as NZ, everything counts! It's hard to break into the industry when there are so many people battling for those places! 

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