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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wellington: Supermodel Style.

Pretty sure this is the tiny bookstore off Cuba Street (it smells like amazing old books!)

At Red Rocks - I've really been meaning to take a hike there. So beautiful. 

Outside Newtown Library.

My favourite spot to think and relax in the sun. Outside the boat sheds near Oriental Bay. 

Yay! The croc bikes! 

In Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay! 

I love these photos of Miranda Kerr taken by Orlando Bloom for the NY Times article about Wellington. A little apprehensive now that we're going to get swarmed with celebrities as it's seen as a 'safe haven' from Paparazzi. But none the less, it is always exciting to see famous people out and about in my beautiful city! These photos are just lovely as well, and seem like such fun. 

I feel I need to get out and see more of my city. I'm planning on doing a hike up Mount Victoria, doing the City to Sea walkway one sunny day in the weekend. I also want to do a trip to Red Rocks, and I love going to Lyall Bay in summer and ordering some Fish and Chips and sitting in the sun on the beach. Best memories. 


  1. Ahh I saw this yesterday, so amazing!! Funnily enough in the article she talks about going to a yoga class and that yoga class just happens to be the same one my cousin goes to! Haha during a few classes it's just been my cousin, Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and the instructor! It's safe to say I'v had a few jealous moments :D

    Emma x

    ps - I'll be sending you an email very soon :)

    1. Ahh super jealous! Haha. I did see Martin Freeman when I was having lunch at Floridita's with my mum, and that was so embarrassing because mum was all 'OMG! FAMOUS PERSON!'. And Andy Serkis was at Fidels one time I met a friend there...

      And yay! Looking forward to it!

  2. Beautiful city, so cool you live there! I love these pictures of her, gorgeous!

    xx lauren

  3. The photos are beautiful. I was shopping for shoes and Miranda and I smacked into eachother, she was incredibly sweet. Orlando was there too and I had to tell the lame shop assistant to calm down and be cool :)

    1. Haha, I would've been all 'Hi! Bye!'. I get so nervous around famous people for some reason. Or I just smile awkwardly at them. At least it's better than being all 'OMG YOU'RE SO AND SO AND OMG!' *spazz attack* hehe.

  4. Wellington looks lovely! (as does Miranda) would never have had Orlando Bloom pegged as a photographer x

  5. I love seeing my city in someone elses light, especially the gorgeous glowing light that is Miranda Kerr! Was so exciting seeing her posing in places I am used to seeing everyday (Newtown!. Makes me miss home :'(