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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Travel Series: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.


When I head over to Europe on my OE, I will be using this handy independent traveler bus tour called Busabout. After Paris, where I'm planning on staying a week, then heading to London for a week, the first stop of my independent tour will be the small town of Lauterbrunnen, in the middle of the Swiss Alps!

From the photos, it definitely reminds me of home in South Canterbury - but with sheer faced rocks and waterfalls. Perhaps it is more likened to Milford Sound? I feel like the size of the town (Pop: 2480) reminds me of Geraldine, my hometown - that coupled with 'alps' and beautiful greenery, it will be lovely to spend a few sleepy days here cycling around, looking at waterfalls. Perhaps I'll even go paragliding over the alps!?

I will be spending three nights here before moving onto Munich!

I'm getting back into the swing of my travel series - and it's getting me excited for my travel! I will definitely be heading over to Europe next year to explore, even if I have to take out a huge personal loan! I'm determined to have my 24th birthday be in summer!

FYI, This is the loop I will be travelling! Along with a couple of extra 'trips'. Look out for those coming up! If you're wanting to do some independent 'backpacker' travel - I definitely suggest checking out Busabout.  I'm doing it because I'm travelling on my own and it's a great way to meet like-minded people! Super-duper excited and need to keep this excitement up so I can continue to save the monies! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Summer Lovin'

I'm absolutely loving white for this upcoming summer! Yes, it can be very difficult to keep clean, but it's fresh to death and super chic. Here are a few of my picks! 

Can't wait to get this Breton Tee.

My friend has this and looks sooo good in it! 

Perfect for a day at the beach! 

I'm loving the sports luxe look - these shorts would be fabulous paired with the sandals below or some brown leather sandal wedges! 

Super easy and comfortable for Summer! My last pair of Witchery sandals have lasted me two seasons, so I think it's time for another pair! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time to get serious.

After being sick all last week, and eating horribly throughout (although I had the best of intentions before being sick, as you may recall), I need to get back on this bandwagon and start eating clean, training mean. 

Yesterday was a great day of doing so - easing myself into it again. I went to the gym and did a pretty intense cardio workout. Heading to the gym again today for another one. 

This week I'm making the following promises to myself:
  • I will eat well, when I'm hungry, and when I am no longer hungry I will stop eating.
  • I will exercise and aim to perform to the best of my abilities
  • I will take 10,000 steps each day. 
  • If I am not going to the gym in the evening, I will go for an early morning walk/jog
  • I will track my calories in/calories out each day and make sure I am not lying to myself. 
  • I will allow myself one treat item this week - be that a cookie, a piece of cake or a takeaway meal. 
  • I will not allow myself to quit.
What are you doing this week to better yourself? xx

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everything's going to be alright.

Images via Pinterest 

I've been shockingly bad at updating, and I apologize! I've had quite a lot on my plate lately with attempting to find a new place to live, getting sick this week (damn there goes my good intentions for going to the gym this week!), and just general feeling glum. I mope when I'm sick. Thankfully I think it's on the up and I'm feeling a little better today. 

Haven't had a lot of inspiration lately but desperately wanting to decorate organize and just be for a little bit. 

So bear with me for a while, and I promise I'll bring you something good! xx

Monday, October 1, 2012

Abs are made in the kitchen.

Lately I've been letting my diet get away from me. I've been craving sweets, fatty food (I demolished a Hell's pizza snack pizza, some squid rings and most of a Spanish doughnut in my hungover state yesterday and I'm completely ashamed of it). 

A good motivation = summer is coming up and I want to look amazing in my bikini! 

I've been exercising well enough, four times a week, getting my burn of at least 500cal in. But if you don't eat well, then you won't look good and this has been my issue of late. 

I'm re-booting my stomach, my mentality and my appetite for healthy food. Just because I'm stressed out at home shouldn't mean I eat horribly. These are the steps I usually take to make myself more accountable, and to make sure I only eat when I'm actually hungry. 

  1. Wait until your stomach rumbles until you even think about food. This will make sure you learn the difference between bored, emotional hunger and real physical hunger. 
  2. When your stomach does rumble, have a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If you're still hungry, either have a snack or your meal (if it's around lunch/dinner time). 
  3. Snack on healthy items - fruits, vegetables, nuts, and yoghurt are all good things to snack on - but only when you're actually hungry! 
  4. If you're really craving something sweet or fatty, don't deprive yourself completely. Have a square of dark chocolate (at least 70%!) or make homemade baked chips or a homemade burger! 
  5. Dramatically decrease the amount of alcohol consumed. Alcohol is the worst thing for fat loss! You get dehydrated, your ability to have self control is impaired and you make bad choices regarding food. The hangover is the worst day the day after as well! If you want to drink, make sure you either limit it to 1 glass of wine and then move onto clear spirits (vodka or gin) with soda water and lime rather than sweet soda. You're somewhat hydrating yourself as well. Have an entire bottle of water before bed and another when you wake up to feel better. 
  6. Drink at least 3L of water a day! I tend to drink 3-4L. 
  7. STOP THINKING CONSTANTLY OF FOOD. It just makes you hungry for more. 
So who else wants to clean up their diet for the month of October and carrying on over the New Year?