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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I love lists, and this To Do list is now on my desk at work, with an awesome printable version available here. It's super useful for the super-organized like I am! Pinned! 

I thought this was a great idea - we currently don't have a coffee table in my new fabulous flat - and crates nailed together would be a super cute idea! I would probably do a wash of white over them as well! Pinned!

With Christmas coming up, I always love to wrap presents prettily! These flowers are super easy to make with a bit of fabric, and would look so elegant under the Christmas Tree! Pinned!

Aren't these bottles just gorgeous? Over our Summer Christmas I'm imagining sipping soda and cranberry vodka cocktails out of old glass bottles! A great way to recycle also! I would get these adorable mini milk bottles from Little Ink! Or some pretty glass jars to make homemade Mojitos! 

I'm enjoying that it's growing warmer over here now - I no longer need to wear stockings to work, and walked to work with bare arms! I'm looking forward to a summer of sun and laughter. 



  1. Love all these ideas, so cute!

    x laur

  2. lovely ideas :P

  3. I am list lover too! Couldn't get through the week without making lists! Haha so I will definitely be printing that one out :D Absolutely love the crate-coffee table as well! One day I will have my own place to try all these things out!

    The glass jars are so cute, I'm loving the paper and twine around them, I used glass jars for my afternoon 21st party and it was great! Makes everything seem that much nicer!

    Emma xx

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  5. I love that coffee table, what a great idea! I agree with you I'd give mine a white finish too!

  6. agreed, and i love these photos :> x

  7. I love lists and I love Pinterest!

  8. Great pics! The table is so original. I've never seen one like that before. Happy summer!


  9. I love all these pins!! Especially the cute ribbon/flowers on the wrapping and the crate coffee table! Super original!! So cute!

    Ngaio xx