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Friday, November 15, 2013

Sylver & Shackel.

Models: Sydel, Alex, Natasha and Emily from Kirsty Bunny. Photos by me. 

On a lovely Wednesday evening I was invited to Sylver & Shackel's one year anniversary and new collection launch at Willis York. 

I know Sylvie (pictured above) as my colleagues lovely french wife - one of the sweetest people I've met and has an amazing creative passion to boot. The other half of this duo team is Joanna Shackel. All of the pieces are hand-made and items for the pieces are sourced from a variety of places, fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones, stirling silver, fabrics and vintage items are used to make these beautiful items that are so very wearable.

There are four mini-collections within this season - Collective ID brings stamped metal to necklaces and earrings with cute slogans like 'Bisou Bisou' (meaning Kiss Kiss in French), but can also be stamped with a slogan or names of your choice to be personalised.

Rocco is their rock-chic collection which brings mixed metals, chains, and charms for a heavier style.

Les Classiques is a timeless collection of earrings and necklaces in a style that will never go out of fashion. I bought the beautiful earrings in the first photo which are called the 'Gatsby' earrings. A lot of this collection is inspired by the beautiful 1920s era with long chains that can be wrapped around your neck or leave as is. Probably my favourite collection.

The In Temporal collection incorporates beautiful vintage finds and re-vamps them for a new life! This collection also features vintage kimonos hand sewn with sequin appliques.

The evening was a roaring success - Willis York was decked out with two bars, where two cocktails were specially created for the evening - a lychee martini and a sort of grapefruit berry mojito. Both were delicious.

Four gorgeous models showed off the four personalities of their collections - which was a lovely touch.

Willis York is always such a beautiful location for such an event, the loft-style space has the most amazing light and it's no wonder why so many people use the space for photoshoots and events alike.

I'm going to be looking at buying a couple of items as gifts for Christmas this year! I definitely think you should too! I'm sure your mum would like a Collective ID necklace with your siblings names on it.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Teaser... I'm back!

Coming up on the blog as my debut back home is a jewelry party I attended tonight at Willis York! Stay tuned for all the photos! xx

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Travel blog.

Check out my latest travel blogs on 

Monday, July 15, 2013

5 days and counting...

In just under 5 days I will be on a plane heading for the trip of a lifetime. I will be in Paris this time next week. This blows my mind. I am so so so excited for this journey to start!

You can view a map of my travels on Travelerspoint. Also, follow me on my travel Tumblr - Black Peony Travels. This will be easier for me to update than this site. I'm sure I'll also be active on my Instagram

I'm so excited to enjoy the beautiful smells, sounds, sights, and eats of Europe! I can't wait to share my trip with you all! xx 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Boulcott Street Bistro.

Last Saturday when my parents were in town to give me Birthday Wishes (hi, 24 today, yes, feeling old(er)) and fare-welling me on my trip, we had a delicious dinner at Boulcott Street Bistro. You can't book here for dinner, and it's extremely popular. We came into the gorgeous little cottage-Bistro and were ushered to the bar for a drink while we waited for our seat. I ordered a Pimms Cup while dad perused the menu for a good red wine. 

We were seated after a very short wait and given menus. As we were still quite content from lunch, we just went with mains and desert. Mum went for the fish, and dad and I went for the Fillet Bearnaise (the meat eaters we are!) with sides of broccoli and brussel sprouts with chestnuts and honey (yummy!). The Fillet Bearnaise was also served with homemade fries and a red wine jus to die for. 

For desert my dad and I always go for Crème Brulée. Mum went for steamed chocolate pudding with peanut brittle icecream (which was topped with delightful candyfloss!). 

It was a very content evening and super delicious! If you get the chance to go there - I definitely recommend it! Great service, the barman has mad skills, and is pretty funny to top it off. Also, that coffee machine is in working order and makes delicious coffee! 

(Also, doesn't my new 35mm lens make beautiful bokeh?). xx 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweet Mamma.

My parents have been up this weekend visiting me before I go away (and before my birthday next week). Yesterday we spent the morning wandering around the Andy Warhol Exhibition at Te Papa. It was pretty cool to see his iconic works in person! You could do video art like he did of yourself. It's pretty hard staring into a camera for 4 minutes! You can see mine here.

We then went to Sweet Mother's Kitchen, a well known Wellington New Orleans-style creole food eatery. I ate my fish tacos so quickly that I forgot to photograph them! The curly fries vanished pretty quickly also. But you can see my dad's seafood chowder and Lindsay's salad. Also featuring my empty plate. Even though we were stuffed, we opted for pies for desert! Sweet Mother's does amazing American style pies - we ordered a chocolate hazelnut pie, a peanut butter pie and a pecan pie. So good! 

After lunch, we went to see Phantom of the Opera in the gods. I hadn't seen the musical live before (just the movie) while the last time my parents had seen it was in Melbourne in 1991 with Rob Guest (who I then saw as the Wizard in Wicked before he passed away). I absolutely loved Phantom - it was a very good performance! A little disappointed they didn't do the chandelier swing/crash, but I'm guessing logistics went into play there. 

I will have another blog post in a few days showing you the rest of my weekend! Hope you all had a good weekend and weren't trying to get over a cold like I was! xx 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Three Weeks!

A few photo's I've taken this week with my new 35mm f1.8G lens - It's so nice! 1. Logan Brown's Bright Red doors - I had dinner here last week with work and some very well known political people, so I can't share who - but lets just say that you'd know who they were if I told you (New Zealanders). 2 & 3. Morning sunlight outside our window... also, a little bit smoky that time of the morning (around 7am). 4. A walk to the vege market past Joe's Garage - I love this building. 5. Fruits and veges at the Chafers Market - it was a beautiful morning this morning to go for a stroll. 

Today I've basically just tidied, did food prep (I made delicious pumpkin soup for my lunches this week! Om nom!) and lay in the sun in the lounge trying to soak up as much vitamin D as possible while listening to new music on spotify! This is my last 'free' weekend in Wellington - so I've made the most of it. Next weekend my parents are visiting to see me before I head off, and the weekend after that is my birthday! I'm having a high tea party and just a general catchup with everyone with thai takeaways for dinner and wine. Three weeks! xx 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Paris Journal.

The Paris Journal is a beautiful app you can download from the App Store showcasing a day of wandering around different Parisian neighborhoods. The first edition takes you on an adventure throughout the beautiful and very famous district of Montmartre. This was the first district I knew of from the movie Moulin Rouge (still a strong favourite).

I absolutely love these photos because I am always enamoured by the details in street scenes - how the paint peels from a door or what lies beyond that closed gate? What is a nice surprise is that there are also some 'moving images' - almost short HQ GIF images that show moments such as the wind moving some shrubs, or a crepe being spread. 

If you want to spend a bit of time exploring the streets of Montmatre through your ipad or iphone, I strongly suggest downloading the app. You can then download a free preview before purchasing the first edition. I'm already looking forward to viewing the second edition!