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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clean Eating is a way of life.

I realized I haven't done a health related post in a while - this is mainly because over the Christmas and New Year period, I wasn't looking after my health and I wasn't exercising a hell of a lot! As soon as I got back from Abel Tasman, I stepped on the scale and my face just fell. I'd 'gained' 4kg since Christmas. Seriously world?! 

But then I thought about it - why had I gained 4kg? Probably because I was eating bread, drinking lots of booze (mmm, strawberry daiquiri) and eating heaps of nibbles. Especially during my Abel Tasman holiday, because this is basically a holiday of eating (nibbles in huge quantities followed by dinner you can hardly fit in followed by dessert followed by more drinking). 

Yeah, I over-stuffed myself and I need to work on not eating nibbles like they're the last thing I'm ever going to eat. I get it, it's a very ingrained part of me that I desperately need to work on, which is why I thrive much more when I can track my eating. When I'm busy, I don't think of food as much either. 

I've been making the transition into 'primal' clean eating. As you know, clean eating consists of not eating anything that has been processed or has extra chemicals on the label. I'm eating meat, seafood, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, butter (margarine = awful for you hydrogenated fats) greek yoghurt, sugar (yes, real sugar - only 1 tsp in my morning coffee), oats occasionally, clean protein powder, eggs (I had bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning, yum). It's actually amazing how much you can cook with the pure basics. I've also cut most grains (not oats, I love my morning oats). 

Today for lunch I am having courgette pasta (courgettes cut into strips by a julienne peeler), with pure pork sausage casserole thing (tomatoes, onions, mushrooms). Super yummy and very clean! 

I'm no longer petrified of fat. Fat is good. Fat helps you feel fuller, for longer. Fats help transport essential nutrients to where they need to go. They make your hair, skin, and nails healthy and bright. We've been fed over the last couple of decades that fat is bad, fat makes you have high cholesterol, you should eat this stuff we made called margarine and have low-fat foods that have been pumped full of chemicals to lower said cholesterol. Read this article to explain why fat is actually good for you. 

I've also started to lift heavier weights at the gym. I'm proud to say I can squat my body weight for 6-8 reps. I can leg press over 100kg. It's pretty rewarding when you can up your weights! After my 'refeed period' over the aforementioned time, I did start doing interval sprints and the stair master - mostly, because half of this 4kg was glycogen, and water weight. For every gram of stored glycogen (read: carbs) in your body, it can carry with it 2.7g water. This is why you can lose a significant amount of weight overnight by just eating low carb, and drinking a lot of water. I lost 1.4kg the first night. No kidding. 

I have to say, eating this way, I have had far more energy, been able to pump it out at the gym harder and stronger than before, and am much happier. I think I do need to look into how I am going to go about eating in France and Italy though! I think a lot of cured meats, cheese, wine, and fresh fruit and vegetables, but being able to have a few meals that are pasta and croissants, and crusty bread won't kill me. I will be walking everywhere and will burn off those carbs easily! 

I feel like this blog post is all over the place - but to be honest, there is a lot I still don't know about this lifestyle. I'm still researching, and other people should also do their research. Don't dive headfirst into a "diet" without researching what that would do for your body. Listen to your body. 



  1. love ur skirt!
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  2. You look fantastic! I'm currently taking a break from dieting but have got back into working out regularly.


  3. My New Year's resolution was quite similar -- avoid things with bizarre chemicals in them -- and it surprised me, when I looked at what I was eating, to see how easy it was to substitute a lot of things. Still struggling to find sweet things that don't taste like death, though. (Vegan organic chocolate? Gag.) Any tips?

    1. Try Green & Blacks organic chocolate. Get the dark 70%. Amazeballs.