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Friday, January 4, 2013

Summertime Laziness


1-3. A quick bush walk with dad through some of our Native Forest nearby at Mt Peel. Everything is so green!  4-6. Camping up the Gorge; our swimming spot. 7-10. A morning flight with Mum and Dad around Timaru, up and down the coast. 
All photos by me

I know I know, I'm sorry! It's been a month! But in that month I have been incredibly busy! Here is a rundown:
  • I had a pretty busy start of the month with work, trying to get everything out of the way before Christmas! I'm the one who packs and ships the presents! 
  • I finished work on the 21st and flew down to Christchurch in the evening after work. I then drove my sister-in-law's car down home and got home just before 10pm. 
  • The 22nd was the day of my dad's surprise 60th party that my mum and I have been cooking up for months! My brother took my dad fishing for the day and he had no clue what was happening. As soon as they left we were up and at 'em, cooking, putting up the marquee, groceries, etc. 
  • Christmas day was a quiet affair which is how I like it. Mum and I did the regular Potato salad, baked ham, and green salad. It was a roasting hot day of 30 degrees, so after lunch most of us napped and got ready for round two. My brother's in-laws came for dinner. 
  • Boxing day I went into Timaru with mum and we had a bit of a shop. I got a few things from Kathmandu for my upcoming Europe Trip (packing bags are so useful!). Later on in my trip home we went back and bought a pack that doubles as a regular wheel bag. Very useful! It's blue! 
  • I think on the 29th I went camping with a couple of friends for a night down the gorge. There are three gorges you can go to in my town - we went to our regular hole! Other friends met us later that night and bought us hot chocolates! We all slept curled around the rocks on the floor of our tent. 
  • On the 31st it was a beautiful day so Dad took mum and I for a fly. We don't own the plane, just rent it at the Aeroclub! My Mum started flying first in 2001, she had shares in a Yak52 Russian Fighter for a while - which she flew and did aerobatics in. Then Dad decided to copy and my brother started as soon as he was old enough. I've never been into it as it's so technical, but I do enjoy going up and taking photos! 
  • New Years was spent at my friends house with a BBQ and lots of mates from high school times. It was great to see the crew back together! It probably won't happen again for a while (minus this good friend's wedding in two weeks!). We got out the spirits and started making cocktails which was fun! Also on the cards was water-volleyball with the guys (not as much of a success as you would think), fireworks that went array, and massive marshmallows roasting over an horrendously hot brazier. It was such a fun night! Lesson: never plan for New Years and you'll have an awesome one! 
  • The holiday ended with drama as we drove up to Christchurch on the 2nd, when my flight was actually booked for the 3rd. Thankfully, I managed to get a standby fare! Although, that flight was the scariest flight I have ever had coming into Wellington! 140km/h winds! In a small ATR plane! Not so much fun! 
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years break! I've been back at work for one day, the gym for two, and now it's the weekend. Next week I'm only working 4 days and then heading onto Nelson for our annual holiday in Abel Tasman National Park! xx


  1. Amazing photos! You're so lucky that your parents know how to fly! How cool is that?

    Happy New Year. xo

  2. Glad to see you are back!!! Sounds like you have been having a great xmas/new years break as well :D

    I love the photos!! They are beautiful, I especially like the 6th one down (over looking the hills), it is amazing!

    Also very jealous that you have been buying traveling gear, I can't wait to start doing that myself! haha

    Emma x

  3. Beautiful photographs!! You are making me long for summer!! Hope you're enjoying it all.

  4. Wow! what a jam packed summer you've had! I feel the same, I took a whole month off blogging too!, I think it's really healthy to do that, real life's got to come first! New Zealand summers are great aren't they!? We get so many sunlight hours in the day, and so many beautiful places to go and spend it! Your spot at the Gorge looks like heaven!!!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

    1. And that was only two weeks break! Haha.

      I'm loving summer right now - currently hating that I'm back at work - but only for 3 more days before I head off to Abel Tasman! Yay! Thank you for visiting! xx