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Friday, May 10, 2013

Fly, fly away...

It's getting cold in NZ now. The beginning of the week warranted torrential rain, then I had to get out the wool coat for the first time this year. Now that it's winter my feet are just getting so itchy... 

It's only 2 months and 10 days till I head to Europe for three months. I'm terrified and excited at the same time! It's insane to think that I'll be there, all on my own, knowing no one, and not knowing the language (well), and not having anyone to fall back on. Slightly terrified really. But I can't wait to meet all these new people on Busabout! 

But at the same time, I'm dying for the next 2 months to come and go - because it's a huge adventure, and it's outside my comfort zone and it couldn't come at a better time. I need these three months to learn, grown, breathe and ultimately explore who I want to be. 

I've been reading Dr Libby Weaver's book Accidentally Overweight. It's a huge wake up call to chronic-dieters and easily stressed/highly strung people like myself. I'm slowly getting better at breathing and taking time to myself. I just lie on my bed with some nice music on and relax... seems to help a bit! I've also stopped counting calories and somehow this is actually helping keep the stress down - hard for someone who's a Type A control freak! I'd beat myself up every time I slipped, and that wasn't great for my mental wellbeing. And to be honest - I'm not eating as badly now. I know that I can have that chocolate cake if I want it. Or I can have that piece of dark chocolate after dinner. I haven't exercised all week and I don't care. This is a revelation for me. 

This weekend I am taking some time for me - I'm going to clean out my pantry, go to BodyBalance, do a bit of yoga, maybe go for a walk, read my book, listen to music and just do me time. I deserve it. You deserve it too. So take this weekend to just relax and do what you love. Breathe, let go, and de-stress. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catching up!

I've been off the radar for a bit - I know, I'm sorry! It has been a pretty busy April for me. Here's a run-down:

I started April off vowing to do 30 days of the 30 Day Shred - which lasted about 6 days before I became bored and started on 6 Week 6 Pack - which eventually fizzled. 

On April 12th my mum and I jetted up to Auckland for the Josh Groban concert (follow him on Twitter - he's hilarious). It was the first time he's been to NZ to perform a concert, and I bought his album "Oceano" when I was 13. It's been 10 years and it was lovely to see him in concert - hilarious when interacting with the audience and with his Q&A questions. FYI, if he were a woman for a day he'd go get a mani-pedi. 

That weekend was a big rush - mum and I went shopping in the morning, caught up with friends for lunch, rushed to get mani-pedi's in Takapuna, then rushed back to go to the concert at Vector Arena. 

I've been told that I probably have Adrenal Fatigue - which I had suspected for a couple of months. I'm currently trying to counteract it by taking some zinc supplements and other such Adrenal-supporting herbs. I'm also turning down the heat on the exercise routine. Instead of consistent high intensity classes I'm taking BodyBalance a few times a week, and going for walks. Calming things. Also, trying to get a good nights sleep and not "stressing the small stuff". My Chiropractor thinks that this upcoming three month trip is going to do nothing but good things - and I'll probably lose weight even with eating amazing food. I won't be stressed out and I'll be walking everywhere. It will be coming at the right stage in my life! 

So, I headed back home to South Canterbury on ANZAC day - because it was a Thursday, I took two days off annual leave and made it a 5 day weekend at home. I needed a break, a bit of relaxation and calming country air. Every morning mum and I went for long walks around The Down's (the hills around our town, it used to be a volcano). I was able to just relax and chill out for a bit which was nice. We caught up with family friends and I cuddled a 3 week old baby. 

So the goals for this month are:
  1. Getting a good amount of sleep.
  2. Not stressing about work, or flatmates being messy, or not getting a workout in, or gaining weight. What will be will be. 
  3. Having plenty of chill out time - time where I'm not connected to the computer or anything technological. Getting out of the house and going for walks etc. 
  4. I won't be making the mistake of doing low-calorie/high-intensity workouts again. 
  5. Going to BodyBalance 3-4 times per week, walking other days. 
Phew. I think this Adrenal Fatigue has been building since about May last year - when my flat was horrible and it was stressful to go home. I had a lull over summer where it was nice and relaxing, and then it all exploded again this year... I'm so looking forward to this break in July!