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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catching up!

I've been off the radar for a bit - I know, I'm sorry! It has been a pretty busy April for me. Here's a run-down:

I started April off vowing to do 30 days of the 30 Day Shred - which lasted about 6 days before I became bored and started on 6 Week 6 Pack - which eventually fizzled. 

On April 12th my mum and I jetted up to Auckland for the Josh Groban concert (follow him on Twitter - he's hilarious). It was the first time he's been to NZ to perform a concert, and I bought his album "Oceano" when I was 13. It's been 10 years and it was lovely to see him in concert - hilarious when interacting with the audience and with his Q&A questions. FYI, if he were a woman for a day he'd go get a mani-pedi. 

That weekend was a big rush - mum and I went shopping in the morning, caught up with friends for lunch, rushed to get mani-pedi's in Takapuna, then rushed back to go to the concert at Vector Arena. 

I've been told that I probably have Adrenal Fatigue - which I had suspected for a couple of months. I'm currently trying to counteract it by taking some zinc supplements and other such Adrenal-supporting herbs. I'm also turning down the heat on the exercise routine. Instead of consistent high intensity classes I'm taking BodyBalance a few times a week, and going for walks. Calming things. Also, trying to get a good nights sleep and not "stressing the small stuff". My Chiropractor thinks that this upcoming three month trip is going to do nothing but good things - and I'll probably lose weight even with eating amazing food. I won't be stressed out and I'll be walking everywhere. It will be coming at the right stage in my life! 

So, I headed back home to South Canterbury on ANZAC day - because it was a Thursday, I took two days off annual leave and made it a 5 day weekend at home. I needed a break, a bit of relaxation and calming country air. Every morning mum and I went for long walks around The Down's (the hills around our town, it used to be a volcano). I was able to just relax and chill out for a bit which was nice. We caught up with family friends and I cuddled a 3 week old baby. 

So the goals for this month are:
  1. Getting a good amount of sleep.
  2. Not stressing about work, or flatmates being messy, or not getting a workout in, or gaining weight. What will be will be. 
  3. Having plenty of chill out time - time where I'm not connected to the computer or anything technological. Getting out of the house and going for walks etc. 
  4. I won't be making the mistake of doing low-calorie/high-intensity workouts again. 
  5. Going to BodyBalance 3-4 times per week, walking other days. 
Phew. I think this Adrenal Fatigue has been building since about May last year - when my flat was horrible and it was stressful to go home. I had a lull over summer where it was nice and relaxing, and then it all exploded again this year... I'm so looking forward to this break in July! 

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