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Friday, May 10, 2013

Fly, fly away...

It's getting cold in NZ now. The beginning of the week warranted torrential rain, then I had to get out the wool coat for the first time this year. Now that it's winter my feet are just getting so itchy... 

It's only 2 months and 10 days till I head to Europe for three months. I'm terrified and excited at the same time! It's insane to think that I'll be there, all on my own, knowing no one, and not knowing the language (well), and not having anyone to fall back on. Slightly terrified really. But I can't wait to meet all these new people on Busabout! 

But at the same time, I'm dying for the next 2 months to come and go - because it's a huge adventure, and it's outside my comfort zone and it couldn't come at a better time. I need these three months to learn, grown, breathe and ultimately explore who I want to be. 

I've been reading Dr Libby Weaver's book Accidentally Overweight. It's a huge wake up call to chronic-dieters and easily stressed/highly strung people like myself. I'm slowly getting better at breathing and taking time to myself. I just lie on my bed with some nice music on and relax... seems to help a bit! I've also stopped counting calories and somehow this is actually helping keep the stress down - hard for someone who's a Type A control freak! I'd beat myself up every time I slipped, and that wasn't great for my mental wellbeing. And to be honest - I'm not eating as badly now. I know that I can have that chocolate cake if I want it. Or I can have that piece of dark chocolate after dinner. I haven't exercised all week and I don't care. This is a revelation for me. 

This weekend I am taking some time for me - I'm going to clean out my pantry, go to BodyBalance, do a bit of yoga, maybe go for a walk, read my book, listen to music and just do me time. I deserve it. You deserve it too. So take this weekend to just relax and do what you love. Breathe, let go, and de-stress. 



  1. So good that you're taking time for yourself, i cant function without me time. So freeking exciting about your trip! Cant wait to read all about it!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  2. Great that your trip is coming up so soon! You're so lucky!!