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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Autumn Cleansing.

I've been told the benefits of juicing for a while now, from my colleagues wife, to Dr. Libby Weaver, to watching the Juicing documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (watch it, it's eye-opening!). So a couple of weeks ago I took the plunge and bought a juicer. I've been having a juice a day pretty much since I bought it, and have been feeling much better for it (all those nutrients making me feel more alert!). I've been sleeping better, haven't been craving sweets, and have just felt more overall healthy. 

I was reading another blog called Julia & Libby, another Kiwi based blog which is all about health and wellbeing by these two beautiful sisters. They mentioned they did a three day juice cleanse by this company - PHD Cleanse (PHD = Pure Health Delivered). It's pretty expensive and time-consuming to do a juice cleanse by yourself, so these guys do it all for you, send you the juices anywhere in New Zealand, and off you go! 

I actually purchased a one day basic cleanse, thinking I'll try it for one day and see how I go - I got into the office on Friday and saw a huge box from PHD with 18 juices in it - the three day cleanse! I wasn't expecting that at all - but it was a nice surprise. So I have decided to do a blog post outlining how I'm feeling each day of the cleanse and what is happening with my body. The Basic Cleanse compromises of three green juices per day, one zesty lemonade, one yellow hit, and one cashew dream (the desert of the juices!). 

Each day I will be drinking the juices in this order:
  1. Pure green 8:00am 
  2. Yellow Hit 10:00am
  3. Pure green 12:30pm
  4. Zesty Lemonade 2:30pm 
  5. Pure green 4:30pm 
  6. Cashew dream 7:00pm 
Day 1: 

8:15am: first juice of the day - the Pure Green which consists of Cos Lettuce, Celery, Cucumber, Spnach, Kale, Parsley, Lemon and Green Apple. Actually pretty tasty considering the amount of greenery!! The lemon and green apple give a nice tart sweetness to the juice. This juice is the most active juice in the range, and aims to alkalise your system. I will be having three of these a day so I'm glad they taste good! To learn more about how our blood needs to be alkaline, have a look at this article, or buy the book Accidentally Overweight, which explains it in much more detail.

10am: Juice number 2: the super tasty Yellow Hit - Pineapple, apple and mint. I feel like I could have this as a cocktail it's so tasty. Feeling a little hungry, but probably because I have been rushing around all morning cleaning the house! After my next juice at 12:30 I'm meeting up with some friends at a cafe for a 'coffee' - I'll have a herbal tea. Then I'm going to BodyBalance - hopefully I won't faint! 

12:30pm: juice three down the hatch! Off to catch up with the girls. I had a pot of peppermint tea at the cafe, while my friends sipped lattes and had brownies & macarons - which was super tempting but I stuck to my guns!

3:00pm: the next juice is Zesty Lemonade, missed my 2:30pm time as I was half way through my bodybalance class. Didn't faint. Stomach rumbled about 15 minutes into the class. The lemonade is tasty though!

5:00pm: Number 5. Another Green juice. Wanting to chew something and my flatmate is making a leg of lamb and a banoffee pie which is just mean. Looking forward to my dessert juice!

7:00pm: Dessert time! Cashew dream - Cashew, Agave, Cinnamon, Vanilla and water. Yum! It's super delish! It's been worth the wait to have something a bit more substantial... I've been wanting to eat something and this is almost like a smoothie.

Day one down - I'll let you know how I feel by the end of this in a separate blog post. I just went around my day as usual - no big changes for a Saturday! I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel at the end of the next two days.



  1. Sounds like an interesting documentary. I'm going to look for it and watch it. Happy juicing!

  2. I've just watched the documentary and I found it incredibly inspiring. Thanks again for sharing this and now I'm off to make myself a smoothie (don't have a juicer).