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Sunday, June 2, 2013

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1. The OE is getting nearer! 2. Drinking green juice 3. I found a dragonfruit at the market 4. Wellington sunrise on the way to work 5. Quotes to live by 6. On a night out in town 7. High tea at Le Cordon Bleu 8. A day in Picton and Blenheim for work 9. More juice! 10. Flying to Blenheim 11. Veggies! 12. More sunrises 13. At the gym 14. Walking to the SPCA 15. My GHD died - so I got a Cloud 9! 16. Quotes to live by. 

Hi guys! It's been a while, I'm sorry - life has been pretty hectic lately! Here are a few snaps from my life over the last month.

Here's what's been happening health-wise: 
  • I've been off caffeine since April 25th - with the exception of one cup that I desperately needed. 
  • I bought myself a juicer and have been juicing for a few weeks - I feel like I have so much more energy! I'm getting a lot more nutrients from the fruits and vegetables I've been juicing. 
  • My flatmate and I went to the Wellington Food Show - which was awesome! We saw Josh Emett cook duck (I now have some organic duck legs in the freezer I'm going to confit), and saw and met Dr. Libby Weaver, who's book, Accidentally Overweight, I talked about in my last blog entry. I also bought her new book, The Real Food Chef  which is a beautiful book and I'm looking forward to incorporating some of the recipes into my diet.
  • I've been remembering to breathe more often - this is hard for someone like me who likes to be busy and rush around a lot and get everything done - but I've realized it's impacting my health more than it should. Try to remember to take 20 deep breaths a day - in the morning before getting up and before going to sleep seems to work for me! 
  • I've been going to BodyBalance two to three times a week, and loving how it's making me feel. 
  • I've stopped counting calories - calories in vs. calories out is such a mind-fuck. Two years of doing it and thinking that that's the only way I'll ever lose weight - I was kidding myself and screwing up my metabolism all the while. 
  • I'm eating intuitively now - eating something my body craves when it wants it. I don't feel restricted anymore because of this - I know I can have a bit of dark chocolate, and I'll only have a bit, because I know I can have it and I'm not going to kick myself because I 'went over my calorie allowance'. So. much. freedom. 
  • Thinking of doing a three day juice fast at some stage soon. Might do a one day juice fast tomorrow. 
  • I'm increasing the amount of plant-based foods to my diet dramatically - only having meat in the evenings. Loving soup at this time of year too! 
So it has been a busy time healing... rewiring my brain to think differently about food. 

Work has also been busy - we headed to Blenheim last week for a work lunch, which was a nice break from the office. This week I'm back up to Auckland for a conference/function. I have been a bit off my game lately at work though - which has annoyed me because usually I don't let things slip through my fingers and I'm a bit of a Type A personality (that's an understatement). My replacement is coming to NZ in a week or so, which is exciting! She's also moving into my flat while I'm gone which is very useful! I think we'll get along fabulously! Definitely looking forward to this trip - I need it. 


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  1. So jealous your trip is getting nearer! Mine is still a year off, I am already so excited though haha.

    I love BodyBalance, I do it 2 - 3 times per week as well and it relaxes me so much!

    Sounds like you are a busy bee! Your trip will be a well deserved break!! :)