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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rain rain go away...

It's a very cold and rainy day here in Wellington. I have condensation on my windows that is dripping down onto my windowsill. It's cold. And wet. I did get out of the house this morning, however. 

The American (aka, girl who is wonderfully taking over my room and job while I'm in Europe for three months, while she left the summer of Orange County for this crappy weather - poor thing!) and I headed to Te Papa this morning for a bit of Kiwi Culture. My favourite parts of Te Papa is always the earthquake shack, but now that I've been in a similar size earthquake, it's not as exciting as when I was 11. I always enjoy the art exhibition up on level 5. It was a good activity to do on a rain Saturday morning. 

As I write this it is 27.5 days until I leave for Europe! These last few days are dragging, it seems - probably because of the cold weather! I can't wait to bask in beautiful sunlight and warmth! I sold my Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens that I had purchased with my Nikon D3200 without enough research (who knew the D series lenses only worked on camera's with motors in the body? I also didn't know when I purchased the camera that it had a cropped sensor, so my 50mm lens acted more like a 75mm lens). I bought a 35mm f1.8G series lens which on my camera actually acts like a 50mm, and as you can see from above, it's beautiful. I'll be bringing it with my to Europe and try to take some beautiful photos to share with you all. Editing will be the main issue when it comes to this as I'm not taking my MacBook. I have plenty of editing apps on my ipad though so we will have to see how it goes! It's a pity it's not a sunny winter day in Wellington otherwise I would be outside now getting some lovely shots. 

So all I am doing for the rest of the evening is keeping warm in my bed with copious amounts of tea and soup and watching movies. Keep warm everyone! 


P.S. As you can see I've done a little facelift of the blog - what do you think? 

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