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Friday, July 12, 2013

Boulcott Street Bistro.

Last Saturday when my parents were in town to give me Birthday Wishes (hi, 24 today, yes, feeling old(er)) and fare-welling me on my trip, we had a delicious dinner at Boulcott Street Bistro. You can't book here for dinner, and it's extremely popular. We came into the gorgeous little cottage-Bistro and were ushered to the bar for a drink while we waited for our seat. I ordered a Pimms Cup while dad perused the menu for a good red wine. 

We were seated after a very short wait and given menus. As we were still quite content from lunch, we just went with mains and desert. Mum went for the fish, and dad and I went for the Fillet Bearnaise (the meat eaters we are!) with sides of broccoli and brussel sprouts with chestnuts and honey (yummy!). The Fillet Bearnaise was also served with homemade fries and a red wine jus to die for. 

For desert my dad and I always go for Crème Brulée. Mum went for steamed chocolate pudding with peanut brittle icecream (which was topped with delightful candyfloss!). 

It was a very content evening and super delicious! If you get the chance to go there - I definitely recommend it! Great service, the barman has mad skills, and is pretty funny to top it off. Also, that coffee machine is in working order and makes delicious coffee! 

(Also, doesn't my new 35mm lens make beautiful bokeh?). xx 

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