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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweet Mamma.

My parents have been up this weekend visiting me before I go away (and before my birthday next week). Yesterday we spent the morning wandering around the Andy Warhol Exhibition at Te Papa. It was pretty cool to see his iconic works in person! You could do video art like he did of yourself. It's pretty hard staring into a camera for 4 minutes! You can see mine here.

We then went to Sweet Mother's Kitchen, a well known Wellington New Orleans-style creole food eatery. I ate my fish tacos so quickly that I forgot to photograph them! The curly fries vanished pretty quickly also. But you can see my dad's seafood chowder and Lindsay's salad. Also featuring my empty plate. Even though we were stuffed, we opted for pies for desert! Sweet Mother's does amazing American style pies - we ordered a chocolate hazelnut pie, a peanut butter pie and a pecan pie. So good! 

After lunch, we went to see Phantom of the Opera in the gods. I hadn't seen the musical live before (just the movie) while the last time my parents had seen it was in Melbourne in 1991 with Rob Guest (who I then saw as the Wizard in Wicked before he passed away). I absolutely loved Phantom - it was a very good performance! A little disappointed they didn't do the chandelier swing/crash, but I'm guessing logistics went into play there. 

I will have another blog post in a few days showing you the rest of my weekend! Hope you all had a good weekend and weren't trying to get over a cold like I was! xx 

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  1. YUMMM! I lurrrve Sweet Mothers! I used to always get the quesadillas. And curly fries of course! I used to live not so far from courtenay place so SMK was our local joint.

    Argh makes me miss wellys!