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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Arrival to Europe.

I AM SO SORRY. I've been an ass. I've been so slack. I've been... busy on tumblr.

It's no excuse for neglecting my baby. But I thought I would do a series of posts about my European trip that I cam back from five (FIVE) months ago now.

Flying into Paris was exciting but nerve wracking! I was on my own, and I was going to have to brave it on the Paris Metro for the first time in a sweltering heat wave in the middle of July. Thankfully I heard some guys in Australian accents talking at baggage claim and plucked up my nerve to ask them where they were going and if I could tag along with them on the train/metro. Being the Type A personality that I am I had already memorised where I was to get off and which metro line I had to get on at Charles de Gulle and Gare du Nord (metro number 5, FYI).

I got off at my designated stop near my hostel and then had to find a pharmacy where someone spoke enough English so that I could get some eye drops for my dry and tired eyes that were bright red. Succeeded. I then must have walked in the wrong direction to my hostel and had to stop someone in the street for directions (a very lovely Parisian girl who didn't speak a word of English and we mimed out where to go etc. while her boyfriend helped - whoever says Parisians are rude I don't understand).

I arrived at my hostel around 8pm and it was still bright and sunny and I was pretty wide awake. I went down to the hostel bar and got a well deserved beer and made friends with some girls. One of the girls and I decided we would go grab dinner at a nearby restaurant, and then perhaps try and get to the Eiffel Tower to see it light up. Unfortunately the Metro line to the tower wasn't running so we decided to head to the Notre Dame in the warm evening. People were picnicking on the Seine and everything was so beautiful with the lights reflecting off the water, Parisians drinking wine and laughing in groups, buskers doing tricks and musicians playing... I felt like I was living in Midnight in Paris (and it was getting close to that time).

Getting a bit exhausted after two long-haul flights we headed back to the hostel and I had my first night sleeping in a 16 bed dorm room. Six hours later I was up and getting ready to hop on my first Busabout Bus clockwise to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. I hopped down the street to a Parsian Bakery and asked in my (very practiced) french for "Une pain-au-chocolat si vous plait", they understood, I got my chocolate croissant for breakfast (nothing has beaten this since, the crisp pastry, buttery and flaky and still warm from the oven at 6am.

It was time to see French countryside and squeal over seeing Castles just sitting on hills next to the road looking adorable. We drove past fields of sunflowers, all of which looked sad with their heads bowed as they weren't in their prime and it wasn't sunny.  We had a great tour guide, and a very small group for our first bus ride (eight people on a bus that can fit forty). On one of our stops we had a thunder storm going overhead us and we were running to a restaurant for lunch, lightning clapped overhead loudly and it poured with rain before we headed out of France and into Switzerland.